Lord of Myriad Realms

Lord of Myriad Realms


Ugly-pumpkin Fantasy

54 reads

After waking up from his billion year long slumber as a mortal, he found himself in an unknown place, an unknown world.
All his friends and lovers died of old age, he doesn't even know where.
The path he walk is lonely and full of danger. He chose this path for himself, trying to find the truth he seeks. He won't stop or look back no matter what.
He search for an unreachable height but there is always a greater Apex. He never stops, he walks alone in the vast river of time leaving behind his unspeakable legends. His journey to search for the real apex, the real peak where he could stand alone.
" So what if i'm just a mortal? So what if the world wants me dead? So what if the heaven is against me?
I'll vanquish everything in my path, step forward and dominate. "


Tags: darkarroganttragedyseriousmysteryambitiouswittyexpertmale leadweak to strongStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
Latest Updated
Chapter 102 : Frost monarch.

A man stood in air looking at the bottomless pit below. His eyes shined with cold light as if it could pierce through time and space. Alas, he still wasn't able to see anything below. A force so strong that made someone like him unable to gaze inside.
Suddenly the space around him shook violently, clouds in the sky dispersed as loud sound ec……


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