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Most reading platforms will tell you that

“We have more books than you could imagine”

However, the truth is,

Most people would be disinterested in most of the books they have offered.

How is Ringdom different?

Ringdom is dedicated to collecting high-quality genre fiction to provide its readers with the best immersive experience. As you are about to finish one book, you will easily discover a plenty of new and equally exciting books ready to be added to your list.

Indie writers are warmly welcome, and in an effort to support more aspiring writers, Ringdom rolls out all kinds of bonus events and programs. For example, there are writing contests and full-time writer plans, and original writing is rewarded with additional benefits. Whether you have a completed book or only a few chapters on hand, you could write and publish your genre fictions directly on Ringdom. You are also free to apply for the pay-to-read program, where you could receive royalty and extra bonus.

Ringdom has also constructed a secured payment and clearing system so that you can withdraw your income online, as well as to check on your revenue daily.

How does Ringdom foresee its future?

Ringdom set its sights on engineering a reading ecosphere where everyone is connected. You could post your thoughts about your favorite stories, or share your own stories with others. If you would like to see an in-depth discussion about your story, you could acquire advice or consult with a one-to-one editor.

In anticipation of sharing the treasure of fiction with global fiction fans, Ringdom has broadened its media through multichannel marketing, literary adaptation as well as cross-brand cooperation with international mobile brands.

What does Ringdom believe?

Ringdom is composed of fiction fans. Every member of the Ringdom team has been enthusiastic about Genre Fiction that is adventurous, high-concept and page-turning with strong characters. These are the things that everyone would love to read or present for others. Thus, Ringdom has chosen to focus on stories that feature these characteristics.

Stories can help us jump out of our daily life and awaken our souls to different worlds, so that we can embark on an odyssey and meet amazing new characters.

My friend, if daily life bores you, let’s set off on a wild read.

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