Wait! Werewolves exist?

Wait! Werewolves exist?


Maria Lee Fantasy

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Amber is a normal young woman, living a normal life. Until a fresh start in a small town leads her to question everything she thought she knew. Along the way she learns the truth about the world, the people around her, the parents she lost and herself. How will she react when she discovers that werewolves not only exist, but that she is one. This is a tale of loss, love, betrayal, secrets and realisation. Who is Amber really?, and why was the truth kept from her?


Tags: HEdramadetectivepack
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A few days had gone by since the events at the citadel. I had just returned to Lakeside after I had helped Ruby choose a member of the werewolf council to sit on the supernatural court. We had spoken with each member individually and had agreed completely on our decision. I had no doubt that Council member Perry would make a ……


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