Chapter 33 : Alan, Balbal, Bungisngis, Busaw, Amalanhig IV

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#Readers' Choice Award# I'm running for the Award. If you love this story, please click the tag to vote! *I don't own information such as the Philippine Mythical Creatures, and some Filipino Culture Information that I used in this story. All Information are credited to Google and their rightful Owners. Yet the whole story is just based upon my imagination.* Sources: 10 Traditional Filipino Dishes Every Foodie Should Know BY JENNY HOROWITZ MAY 9, 2017 Popular Filipino Drinks You Will Surely Like January 11, 2017 by Amanda Thomas The Most Popular Traditional Filipino Drinks Jonah De Jesus, Food History January 27, 2020 THE WORLD IN A POCKET: HISTORY OF THE PHILIPPINES & ITS FOOD: A TIMELINE Experience the Philippines' Traditional Games by Jhaypee Guia on November 08, 2012 Top 10 Fruits in Filipino Cuisine by Carlo Villamayor

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