The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian


Pranjit SK Paranormal Urban

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An old man in his seventies with a cowboy hat was pulling Johnathan's body out of the water and onto the river bed.

"Wake up now...", he said as he lay his body on the ground and placed his hand on his forehead.

His hand glowed for a second and Johnathan regained consciousness. He coughed and choked as the river water poured out of his mouth.

He opened his eyes and saw the old man. He was staring at him.

"Don't go looking for the darkness, boy... not yet ... c'mon get up... you're all right now...." said the old man in a southern accent.

Johnathan looked at himself and the man-

What had just happened? Who was this man?


Tags: darkwarriordramatragedyheavymysterystraightexpertrealistic earthweak to strong
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