The Alpha Brothers Broken Mate

The Alpha Brothers Broken Mate


Violet Porter Paranormal

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When Dylan Thorn receives a job through his brother to kidnap a female and bring her to a mysterious client, he doesn't think twice about it. That is until he meets the mysterious woman he is supposed to be kidnapping. He quickly comes to realise she is an innocent and refuses to go through with the job. Sadly. it's already been paid for though and now he has made him and his brother some new enemies.

Both Dylan and his brother Zac become intrigued by the mysterious beauty, both having feelings for her and protective over her.. She is keeping secrets from them and them from her, because she doesn't know her knights in shining armour are wolf shifters.

Eventually our three heroes end up on the run from a deadly vampire coven led by 500 year old Marco, a ruthless biker gang and hunters. They must swallow their pride and take refuge amongst their old wolf pack, even though they turned their back on them years before.

When it all comes to a head, a war between rivals and allies begins. The one thing they all have in common...they are all in love with the same woman. The real question is, who does she love back? And can she ever be truly happy once the truth of her past is revealed?


Tags: darklove-triangleshifterbadboyindependentbxgdetectivecity
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