Sweet Redemption: The Morningstar Series Book 3

Sweet Redemption: The Morningstar Series Book 3


Kj Fantasy

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Acaisia and Ahkari are twins. They come from the most powerful family in all the realms. The Morningstar family. They work for the Black Ops Core of the supernatural world.
Acaisia is a fun loving out going 18 year old. Ahkari is the quiet and calm one out of the two. All they ever wanted was to join the BOC like their older siblings. They finally are old enough to be sent on missions. When they come home from a mission to find their mates things don't go as well as they expected.
Mate bonds are complicated as it is. Not only are each of them going through their own inner turmoil, but now they are sent out on another mission. One much more dangerous than anyone thought.
They are sent to the Fae realm to inspect an area of the Fae forest being drained of life. Black roots coming out of a cave. None of the Fae that have went into the mysterious cave have returned.
After finding a hidden world in the back of the cave, the twins fer cursed. They find the source draining the forest, and burn it down. When they come back from their mission though, things are far from over.
Will the twins defeat this unknown source? Will they lift the curse? And how will their mates help? Read more to find out.


Tags: HEfatedcursedramagxgbisexualwittywerewolvesmercenaryanother worldseductiveStary Writing Academy IV-OthersSummer Update Program
Latest Updated
Chapter 76: Bianca's P.O.V.

                 ~ Five years later ~

"Babe where are you taking me?" I asked giggling.

Ahkari has her hands over my eyes. I know she teleported us somewhere because the sun is blasting down on me, not like the chill from the winter air we just left. Ahkari and I have spent the last, over a year traveling the realms. We……


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