Italian Hours

Italian Hours


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The chapters of which this volume is composed have with few exceptions already been collected, and were then associated with others commemorative of other impressions of (no very extensive) excursions and wanderings. The notes on various visits to Italy are here for the first time exclusively placed together, and as they largely refer to quite other days than these--the date affixed to each paper sufficiently indicating this--I have introduced a few passages that speak for a later and in some cases a frequently repeated vision of the places and scenes in question. I have not hesitated to amend my text, expressively, wherever it seemed urgently to ask for this, though I have not pretended to add the element of information or the weight of curious and critical insistence to a brief record of light inquiries and conclusions. The fond appeal of the observer concerned is all to aspects and appearances--above all to the interesting face of things as it mainly used to be.-- H. J.


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The Saint's Afternoon and Others

Before and above all was the sense that, with the narrow limits

of past adventure, I had never yet had such an impression of what

the summer could be in the south or the south in the summer; but

I promptly found it, for the occasion, a good fortune that my

terms of comparison were restricted. It was really something, at


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