Chronicles Of Blood

Chronicles Of Blood


alastair.biggs Fantasy

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In the city of Ravenstone, there lived a vampire named Vlad who owned the Faded Ghost Tavern, a popular haunt for locals and travelers alike. One day, while tending to his duties, Vlad overheard a group of gentlemen discussing a legendary treasure that was said to be hidden somewhere in the kingdom of Bloodhaven.
Intrigued by the possibility of obtaining the treasure, Vlad decided to embark on a journey across the kingdom. Along the way, he encountered a variety of challenges and obstacles, including battles with other creatures of the night and the treacherous terrain of Bloodhaven.


Tags: vampiredetective
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The Faded Ghost Tavern was a watering hole located in the heart of Ravenstone the exterior of this establishment was as just as worn down as the interior. The brick work was worn and weathered with numerous cracks running through the walls like veins.

The windows were barred with with rusty metal grates and the glass was so dirty you c……


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