The Alien Love Series

The Alien Love Series


C.M. Moore Science Fiction

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Beyond Earth, there is an alien species known as the Dagerstanteens. These mighty warriors are wise, strong, and powerful. Unfortunately, they're dying out slowly. Just as the royal family accepts that they will be the last, a new hope arises. Humans. As each of these aliens discovers love, humans will sacrifice much, and both worlds will change forever.
This story contains graphic sex, violence, non-consent, and erotic scenes with tentacles. 18+

The Alien Love Series is created by C.M. Moore, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.


Tags: adventureforbiddensexspacearrogant
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Chapter 70: The end of... Ruler and Slave.

Sloan and Murry circled each other in the boxing ring in the palace's training center.

“I'm getting better." Murry danced backward. “I swear it."

“Stop talking and show me." For how long they had been training together, Sloan hoped that Murry was getting better. Every day for months, ……