Timothy B. Collier Science Fiction

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From the dawn of humanity, it was simply a matter of time before the world would tear itself asunder. Those who would remain would eventually have to put aside all differences and unite. In order to ensure the survival of the species, humanity would have to become something more; the imperfect would make way for the next generation. The New World now belongs to the Homoquintisentials, or Perfects and Homosapiens are the vermin. But, what happens when perfection is unobtainable and what is human, is threatened with extinction?


Tags: adventurezombieapocalypsedystopian
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 Sutaura wanders through the garden, brushing her real hand over the delicate petals, and in her other, mechanical one, she carries the blade.

She finds the pallid figure of Acera sitting on the sheltered bench, resting oos’ elbows on oos’ knees. The light pouring onto oos’ pearl, ivory skin makes it shimmer magnificently. She waits f……


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