Kingdom: Another World

Kingdom: Another World


HuilongShenghou Fantasy

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In just a blink, Yelena finds herself in a completely different world, where time seemed in a standstill.
It was just an ordinary day for her. Waking up in the morning, go to work, and then went home by midnight. But just as she opened his door, she found herself in another dimension. The place was like taken out of a fairy tale book. Dragons, elves, fairies, heroes, devil king, and of course… the fairy won’t be a fairy tale without… a prince to save?!
On his journey to save the prince, she met a gorgeous traveler, Vice; a blonde-haired fairy, Rio; a hero of a fallen kingdom, Oril, and many others.


Tags: darkreincarnation/transmigrationroyalty/noblebxgbxbgxgbisexualhumorousmysterymagical world
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Somebody’s POV

East castle, ballroom hall.

“Okay! Say ‘ice’! One, two, three!” I said, holding the cellphone.  

“Ice!” they all said.

“Thanks!” the Sage said and took his cellphone and joined the others.

I smiled. “What a great friendship.” I muttered and walked around.

“Hey. That’s what you call a ‘……


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