From Slave to Luna

From Slave to Luna


Tiff Suspense/Thriller

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I ran through the woods as fast as I could after escaping my life of slavery. I couldn’t take the beatings, the raping, the belittlement that occurred on the daily to me and other slaves alike. I found out I was being sold to someone even worst than the master I had now, and I had no doubt in my mind that I would rather die or escape before I let that happen. My name is Veronica I was I born into slavery, and it was the only life I knew. My mother died giving birth to me and I heard my father was sold when I was just two years old. I had learned to read and write from other slaves as I grew up. I had just turned 16 years old a couple months ago, and I started to hear a voice inside my head. At first I though I was crazy, but she kept on talking to me and never gave up. She wanted out of this life as well, and on the night we found out we were being sold I didn’t bother to pack anything as I left with the clothes on my back.
I ran and ran and ran for hours until my feet bled and hurt, but that didn’t stop me from running. It was so cold at night, so once I was far far away is when I quit running. I sat down by a big tree to try and get warm, but nothing was working. I knew I couldn’t be out in the cold for too much longer as I would freeze to death. I got sufficient rest, and I tried get up but couldn’t due to me being so cold I passed out a few minutes later.
“Veronica” I heard my name being called
It was my wolf Valerie and she was letting me know that we had been saved.


Tags: love-triangleHEpowerfulconfidentheir/heiresssweethighschoolpack
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Chapter 111

Veronica POV

I have enjoyed myself this week having fun shopping with Simone and Zion’s graduation. We all had a ball that night and we all partied until the wee hours of the morning. Now it was the weekend and Zayn told me yesterday to be ready as we are going somewhere and will return Sunday night. I didn’t put up a fuss……


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