Starting With A Trash Hand

Starting With A Trash Hand


overdeath Fantasy

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Xiaolong is your typical jobless guy. After truck-kun failed to kill him, fate still found a way to f**k him over.

He transmigrated to a body of a bullied youth named Solon. A loser youth who awakened as an elementless mage. A mage who was bound to not be able to use any spells.

But that will change after the transmigration.

He shall wield the power of neither mage nor warrior.

A card in hand to sweep the world.

In this new world of might and magic where strength is the rule.

Through the gates that lead to mystical dimensions filled with monsters and great beasts.

Through the worlds that carry treasures beyond your wild dreams.

Across ruins of untold knowledge of once mighty races.

Follow our MC as he aims for the peak, starting with the skill card [TRASH HAND].


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationsystemhumorouslightheartedstraightlucky dogmagical worldweak to strongdungeon
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Stone-piercing waterdrop

Looking over the beast tide from the wall, I could see the King rank beasts protecting their minions with a dome of energy.

300 meters...

I concentrated on the forerunners. The ones protected with the largest energy barrier and the nearest to the hunters.

Touching my spatial equipment, gold talismans fell on the ground with in ……


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