Love Or Attraction

Love Or Attraction


Kavyanjali Naugain Romance

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"Alex, I needed to talk to you", Anjali asked to his husband.
" We can talk it tomorrow, it's late let's go to bed " , Alex cutt him off
Anjali took a deep breath and with broken heart she said " I THINK WE SHOULD HAVE
" What did you say??? " , Alex was the first who broke the silence.
" What you heard earlier, that I wanted to end this fake marriage. I can't act anymore like a perfect wife", she answered curtly.
And the next she felt a hard impact on her left cheek and fall . He fisted the hairs of Anjali
She winced in pain but Alex didn't stopped.
" So, I am right that you again fall for you cheater ex husband huh!!! Tell me is he better than me in the bed that's why you are divorcing me. Tell me you bitch!!! If that's the problem then trust me I will f**k you so hard until you get satisfied ", Alex asked with gritted teeth.
" Ahhhh!!!!! Alex, it's not like that. I just don't wanna live in a loveless marriage. That's it ", Anjali screamed
" Oh!!! So you think that I didn't love you huh and your bastard husband is better than me huh. So, sweetheart today I will show my love. ", Alex replied and picked Anjali like a rag doll.
Her eyes got wide when she saw Alex undressing himself and within a blink he hovered over Anjali.
" No, Alex it's not right.I beg you ", Anjali begged
He tore the clothes of Anjali , even her lingerie and without any warning he entered inside her.
" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! " , an ear piercing sonth echoed in the room.
But Alex didn't show any mercy and thrusted deep inside her like a caveman. Whole night Anjali begged but he didn't pay any heeds to his pleads.
After torture of three hours, Alex leave her while Anjali wos sobbing silently.
On, the other hand Alex didn't feel any regret. Actually, the fear of losing him turned Alex into a beast. He didn't want to lose her She is his life and he will never leave even after death.
To know more join the journey of Alex and Anjali.


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 “ Alex !! I don’t want you go out for business tour ‘ , Anjali asked while fixing his tie .

“ Wifey !! It’s only for three days and if it’s not so important then I send my P.A on my behalf rather than leaving my sexy wife alone for three nights without me “ , Alex nuzzled her nape .

“ Liar !!  , nowadays you were so busy i……


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