Angel of Demons

Angel of Demons


Stacy Mevoli Fantasy

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Micca steps down to earth with a mission to find heaven’s lost precious soul—Human. He accidentally possesses Amber’s body as his vessel and couldn’t get out.

As Micca dwells inside Amber’s body, he opposes the latter’s dark emotions and lustful desires, creating an unpredictable switch of personality. In the long run, he suprisingly develops feelings for her.

Amber, on the other hand, is unaware that she is being possessed by an angel. With the guidance of Gideon and an hourglass that limits his time on earth, Micca continues his search for Human without knowing that Amber and Human are one.

Would Micca ever fiind out that Amber is the lost soul that the heaven is looking for before it's too late? Would he be willing to fight for his love even it means treachery to the heavenly realm?


Tags: darktime-travelbadgirlmafiahumorousanother worldsupernaturalweak to strongmultiple personalityasexual
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Surprise! Surprise!

“Yes. I want you to take me back to the past. In return, I’ll give you Gideon as a bargain. You can do whatever you want with him. He’s useless and an i***t. I can’t stand him. Besides, I already have this magical weapon,” I said before pausing. “Great! Yeah, it’s a deal.”

I entered the room, and my eyes wen……


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