The Absconsion

The Absconsion


L. Sai Koushik Fantasy

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Jackson, Zain, Elly, John and many other individuals who desperately needed money gets approached through a phone call, which promises them to change their life in a way they never imagined. They take a leap of faith and accept the invitation but little did they know what they were getting themselves into. Soon, they realizes that they made a mistake but it is too late to turn back now. All you need to do is fight to survive as the alternative is death. Will the players manage to survive and find out who is responsible for all this mess or die playing the deadly yet rewarding games is what the reader would be thrilled to find out.


Tags: darkdramatragedymysteryscarystraighthigh-tech world
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The New Beginnings..!!

By the time Jackson woke up, he found himself lying at the boarding point with a paper in one hand and an envelope in the other. Those people might have left him here and gone away. 

Jackson looked at the paper, but could not read it. He cleared his eyes and then he realized that it was an address of a hospital. ……


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