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Just Alpha things


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Lorenzo Knight, the formidable Alpha of his pack, has one dream: to challenge the king of the werewolves and claim the throne of the supernatural kingdom. Strong, powerful, and relentless, Lorenzo has trained his entire life for this moment. But in the midst of his quest for power, he discovers a stunning revelation in his dream rose garden: Alejandro King.
Alejandro, the enigmatic heir to the throne, is everything Lorenzo despises. Arrogant, rude, and feared by many, Alejandro carries a dark secret—he was born without a wolf, cursed instead with a demon. Despite his power, he is shunned and hated, a pariah in his own kingdom.
As Lorenzo prepares to challenge Alejandro, destiny intervenes. The two powerful alphas are not just rivals; they are soulmates, destined to find each other. Their connection is undeniable, and their fates are intertwined in ways neither could have imagined.
"Just Alpha Things" is a gripping tale of power, destiny, and forbidden love. Will Lorenzo follow his lifelong dream to the throne, or will the bond with Alejandro redefine his path? In a world where trust is scarce and enemies lurk in every shadow, can their love survive the ultimate test?
Dive into a world of supernatural intrigue, where the battle for the throne becomes a fight for true love. "Just Alpha Things" promises heart-stopping drama, intense passion, and a love story that transcends all boundaries.


Tags: possessivebadboydramabxbbisexualmysteryscarysecretsmxmturning gay
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Five years later

"I'm gonna punch you in the face if you annoy me one more time," Alene warned me as both Alejandro and I were holding her hand as she walked down the stairs.

Remember the feisty Omega I met in Florida during my time in the university, well after all the drama with Craig was done. I went back to college ……


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