Immaculate Dee Fantasy

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It is said that being different is a wonderful thing. It means one is unique. Yet being too different brings about problems. She was the only one of her kind. The only one to have existed. She was the only one. At first people thought she was unique but when her true power erupted they all turned on her.

No race wanted her, her own parents abandoned her and left her for dead. The rest made her into a weapon that fought whomever displeased them. Sometimes even those who did not do anything suffered.

Many hated and feared her yet her consciousness was forcefully grabbed from her. She was a walking shadow of her former self. She did not know who she was anymore and when death came she smiled. However, she was not let off easy. Her soul was split into two.

One possessed immense dark magic. The other light magic. One remembered, the other forgot.

Will the two halves ever find each other and when they do...will everything work out or will it crumble?


Tags: darksweetmysteryspiritual
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“What happened next!”

He smiled and looked at the bundle of joy in his arms. A lamp grew in his throat as he remembered that moment when everything took a turn for the worst. He smiled and rushed his hair. The little boy in his arms reminded him so much of her. The little one smiled, exposing his toothless grin. His he……


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