Infinity: The Witch's Granddaughter

Infinity: The Witch's Granddaughter


Rose Hooke Fantasy

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***THE LAST CHAPTER (ch. 129 - Love blooms where trust is found) WAS PUBLISHED ON the 16th of August***
***This book was moved into pay-to-read starting with the 27th of July 2023***
When I was young, my grandmother told me one day she would tell me all about Infinity.
I was 6.
I didn't know what she meant.
She told me it wasn't the time yet.
But time waits for nobody.
Today is the day of her funeral.
She just stopped breathing, in her bed.
The doctors couldn't find out what happened.
And all her secrets will now be buried with her.


Tags: fatedgoodgirlpowerfulwitch/wizardbisexualambitiousanother worldcoming of ageenemies to loversweak to strong
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Love blooms where trust is found

***Kayla's POV***

We returned from Asgard and I felt as if I was floating on clouds.

Astrid wanted to lay down, but I wanted to talk to Nferiaea.

Maybe he can offer some perspective.

It's clear to me that this isn't a hallucination anymore, but I can't shake off the feeling.



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