Discovering the Secrets of a Murderer

Discovering the Secrets of a Murderer


Lov Obog Suspense/Thriller

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Right from the start, there is something about her. Mayhap it is her stiff posture, the composed movements, and the air she gives off that intimidates everyone she meets. Or it may be the stoic expression she plasters on her face. Better yet the cold eyes that stare with intent naught but to scare someone.

There is no certainty. For the woman is Amelia Vernice. The woman who was locked up for years and has only been welcomed to the Society. This is her story and her journey towards the ugly truth in the world of reality.


Doctor Alexander Fersen was hired to determine the mental illness of the most controversial and celebrated murderer in the whole country of Genrovia—Amelia Vernice.

As they both go back to the past and unravel the mystery her life possesses, Alexander was torn in feeling sympathy, hatred, or something deeper he cannot deem name nor acknowledge. But one thing is for certain, he has to know everything, he has to know what she hides, her secrets, and lies. Because if he has not been wise, he would not think Amelia may have been tricking him to fall into a trap.


Tags: revengeseriousmysterystraightevilfemale leadSummer Update Programme
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