Hidden From The Alpha

Hidden From The Alpha


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Amaia Roger was thought to have been killed at birth. Since the curse sign was found on the nape of her neck. She was the curse that can never live, Everyone thought the curse was out of moonlight park. The alpha who everyone knew was ruthless and wicked. Gave his Six years old son Zyair the fourth son he had and ordered him to kill every child born that night. Not a single child lived at moonlight park. Through the power he held at birth, his wife, the Luna of moonlight park died while bearing him.

Alpha Wren was scared of his own son. He wasn’t even fourteen yet. He was hated among his three brothers.

Amaia was dropped in the deepest forest of of Novak, at that very night she was born. Roger, covered her in a small basket. And drew her name on her tiny hands.
Crying as he left her alone. She was his daughter, their daughter. He didn’t want her to die.
She lived in Novak, and was taken care of by the seer and she was called a witch by the people of moonlight park who heard about her movement in the Novak forest.
She was a killer because she had no wolf.

Zyair took it upon himself to look to investigate, the case, he went up to Novak forest with his trusted friend.

In the forest he saw her covered in a long gown with a hoodie. Her green eyes stare at him. And for a while they stare at themselves.
Who was she?
His mate?


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The Seer.

It was the festival of the year, that had been organized and different pack members and their alpha were all there to celebrate the new season with them. In all, you could the happiness in the air.

“..I’ve a……


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