The Books of the Shadows III- Silver Tiger

The Books of the Shadows III- Silver Tiger


Ema Morganes Fantasy

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Tiger was 18 when the portals opened again. Just like 1200 years before, like he heard it in the stories, 8 portals opened out of the sudden bringing more shadows into the realm. Different shadows.... stronger... weaker sarumans but their weapons were stronger... so different weaponry they did not understand yet. The king of the shadows got through one of the portals and was gone missing, ​along with their father, leaving them all alone in this world, facing the danger. When THEY came along... SHE came along with them. Shadow INVADERS... the war is back... The heirs of Warchild and Shadow Assassins must keep the throne of their mother until she comes back. They must make peace with the invaders. It is all in his hands now.


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61. Making Alliances

The next morning Tiger was up early. He woke up happy and calm, even wondering how could he manage to sleep for the rest of night. Even he found it strange but did not question things anymore. He only decided to take things as they come.

The day before, he decided to take Senere hunting.

Of course, he wanted to escape reality a l……


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