The Morningstar Series Book 2 - Book 6

The Morningstar Series Book 2 - Book 6


Kj Fantasy

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**Second book in the Morningstar series**
Max was an orphan his entire life. He grew up not understanding what he was. Luckily he found two supernatural creatures in the foster care system. Bou and Bianca were twin's and also grew up orphans. It took the three of them a long time to figure out what they are. But when something tragic happens and Max let's out a power they've never seen before, his life quickly turns upside down.
Is he a Fae like he thought? Or a demon like his friends?
The only way he could seem to figure it out is go to the Anderson School and ask for help. That is where he meets Atiana Morningstar, head of the school. He knows little about the Morningstar family but what he has heard he doesn't like.
It doesn't take long at all for the two of them to take a liking to each other. Atiana knows that Max is her mate but he doesn't seem to know the same. Atiana isn't sure if she should tell him or not.
Will Atiana, the Soulless she-wolf, help him out? Can even she figure out what he is? Will everything work out in the end for them or is being Soulless too much?
This story also continues the Morningstar series!


Tags: dramacomedytwisted
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Hey guys! So sorry about this, but this will be the last chapter I upload here! The app preferred that I continue in another book. If you look up Sour Souls you will be able to continue the story there! Again, I am so sorry about the jumping all over the place. I really hope you are enjoying the series. I am enjoying writing it ?. Please ……


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