The Triplets Queen

The Triplets Queen


Pakhi Das Fantasy

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Amelia is the daughter of the moon goddess. She knows it. Her father knows it. But no one else has any idea about it because they kept it a secret from the world. Why? Because the werewolves are suffering a curse, which the moon goddess cast on them herself. A curse where no one will live a complete life until they learn their lesson and respect woman. Now they are furious at her for taking away hope from their lives. They chose the wrong path to solve the problem by torturing the women more.
That is why Amelia is here. She is here to remove the curse from them by reminding them of their faults. She needs to remind them why they got the curse in the first place and how can they remove it. But it’s going to be a long and hard journey for her because she’s a woman herself. 
Will she be able to do it on her own? What will happen when three mysterious triplet alphas will enter her life? Will she get their support or will they become the biggest obstacle of her journey? And what will she even do about the darkness that’s chasing her to end her life? Will she be able to conquer it all while keeping her identity a secret?
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Chapter : 57. Epilogue..

Triplet’s point of view :-


It’s been eight months since Amelia brought peace to our world. Everything’s been going pretty well since then. And with Alpha Joseph gone, there is no one to cause any unnecessary problems either. Although it’s not proven that the curse was removed from us or not, but ou……


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