Loving and Loathing Thy Mate

Loving and Loathing Thy Mate


Stacey Golds Paranormal

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For as long as I can remember Vampires and Wolves have warred , natural enemies. Installed in us from birth to hate each other. So, one night , when a Vampire clan attacked our pack and eliminated pretty much everyone I knew or loved. Why was I spared ? Why did I wake up still alive ? The last I remember I was fighting , and losing. A vampire was besting me , but then a warning snarl had frozen the vampire from putting the last bit of pressure on my ribs and squeezing the life out of me. After that things went dark as I was thrown to the floor and pain consumed me into darkness.


Tags: alphadarkHEopposites attractcursearrogantbadboyheir/heiressbxgscaryvampire
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Chapter 56 Penny's POV

My heart started to pound, suspicion started to build up in me. I like her, I had trusted her, but this seemed strange. And the sly look on her face made dread creep up my body. I had just willingly followed her out there, no questions asked. I was god knows where and just from our training session I knew she was strong, stronger than I. Had ……


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