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A serious, relateable, mind-blowing, heartbreaking, tear-inducing comedy game(life) story.

This is not an OP story. This is just a normal story of a normal boy playing a normal game. Find the extraordinary in ordinary moments.

Having won the Olympic, Ryu is finally allowed by his father to play a VR game. Follow the passionate youth experiencing life inside the game. To see the world. To gather wisdom. To find himself.


Tags: self-improvedstudentcomedybxglightheartedhighschoolMMORPGnovice
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Contesting for Tessa V

Ryu’s arrow flew in a straight line aiming towards Pog’s hand that is gripping Tessa. The moment the arrow is about to hit it, Pog’s other arm moved and caught the arrow barehanded.

Ryu is surprised since Pog caught his arrow nonchalantly as if it wasn’t a big deal. He finally knows how dire his situation is after that. If Pog is already a……


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