Their Queen, His Luna

Their Queen, His Luna


Sunshine Princess Romance

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This is the continuation story of
Abused, Broken, and Rejected.

Cassandra was abused and hated by the members of Dawn moon pack because she was the daughter of the rogue lord.
After taking crap from them for five years, she finds her mate, Dylan Blackmoon is the most powerful Alpha in the world but even he rejects her. After Dylan atone for his mistakes, Cassandra realizes that she has a bigger duty than just being his Luna.

Now it's time to take her place in the world as the Queen of rogues.

Cassandra leaves the Dawn moon pack to meet the rogues and take her place but comes across a dangerous, selfish rogue.

Lucian opposes and fights her every chance he gets.
It's now up to Cassandra to prove that she is a strong, independent leader and gain their trust while getting Lucian out of the way but what happens when sparks start to fly between them and a romantic entanglement blossoms.
Is he another mate or there's more than what meets the eye?
And how will Alpha Dylan react to this?

Read to find out more.


Tags: matekickass heroineself-improvedqueendramabxgpackroyalrejectedweak to strong
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I'm happy that things are working out well, not only with Dylan but the city, the supremacists are crowning me as their princess, and the festivities to celebrate have been ongoing.

Dylan is with me and so is the rest of the family.

After being crowned as the rogue Queen, I spent weeks in the city before coming back home at Dawn moon……


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