Lords of Underworld

Lords of Underworld


marmoodarlee Action

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Jeff sees the most beautiful girl in his life and he falls in love with her at once. She is taciturn and do not even takes note of his feelings. She leaves but when he finds the flash-drive she drops on the spot she was standing, he fends a good reason to go after but what he witness after going after will change his life forever. Unknown to him, the flash-drive is a key to secrets buried for years and lords of underground would do anything to keep the secretes buried. Now Jeff threads on love and danger. Then he saw her again.....


Tags: bravestudentbxgmysterycitybetrayaldisappearance
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They sat at the bank of the ocean, looking at the vast body of water which stretched endlessly to meet the sky by the horizon. The waves splashed water droplets on Jeff , the wind and water felt so nice. The world was beautiful.

“ My teacher said water is colourless.” Jeff Jnr. who came beside him said, looking at the water.

“ That i……


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