Dragons Descend To Earth

Dragons Descend To Earth


1st Manga KING Fantasy

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“I need to train with human knowledge in this new dragon body? That’s interesting!”
A world full of dragons, a world where humans don’t exist, a world which is filled with mysteries - it is the said world where a human is Reincarnated after dying in a human world.
Yes, he is Reincarnated in the Dragon world as a dragon while retaining his memory.
He faces many hardships while trying to become strong. But one day he finds out that there is a way to return to the human world, that is, Earth!
But, the dragons want to conquer the Earth!
Will he be able to prevent the Dragons from Descending to Earth?
Join me in this adventure - Dragons Descend To Earth!


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationdominantbxgkickingmagical worldanother worldfaceslappingrebirth/reborndragonsweak to strong
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