The Curse of Mystic Valley

The Curse of Mystic Valley


Star Diamond D Suspense/Thriller

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Kinsley, has no idea that her life is about to change she just married her high school sweetheart and took a job half way across country, when he husband decides that he will not be going with her , her and her best friend and his girlfriend join her on her new adventure, when she gets there she finds out that her life has been a life and that everyone in her family has been hiding the truth from her, The truth is that her and her twin Brother are the descendants of the Queen of Witches and the Last Luna of the Blue Moon Pack, She alone is the only one that can save her bloodline and break the curse on her family.


Tags: bxgmystery
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Chapter 45

I walked out to the pool area, I didn’t see anyone out there not even Ace, I linked him to see what was going on.

“Ace, where are you at I at the pool and I don’t see anyone out here it’s actually so quiet out here it’s a bit creepy.”

He didn’t answer me right away where is everyone at.

I decided to link Mark.

“Mark, w……


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