Revenge fire from Demon queen

Revenge fire from Demon queen


Negative Flash Fantasy

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Story is presents the revenge of a girl. After a tough life she gets his love of a life and started a beautiful life, At that time the antagonist killed lover of the protagonist.
She is not a normal girl, she is queen of the demon world. She came from far planet in distance galaxy.
This story also tells the life of high school students happy, sad and twisted life which is good to read.


Tags: revengeshifterkickass heroinestudenttwistedsweetbxgbrilliantmagical worldschool
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CHAPTER: 116 The Showdown-2

“I really thought you would fight with me, don’t worry it only makes me more crazy on you Saal” Sten said. The battle between Jenny and Sten was so intense and so powerful. Both of them attack so powerful, even though Sten has the advantage in the battle.

   He can able to use the four elemental spell magic but Jenny is not achie……


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