Fated to the Beast

Fated to the Beast


Lov Obog Romance

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All she desired was to stay alive amidst the oppressive grip of her siblings and her father's self-centered desires. Anastasia traversed a dim and unfamiliar path with unwavering strength, distrusting everyone around her. Little did she anticipate that, at the culmination of this journey, she would encounter someone who would completely transform her life.
Cornelius Atkin Montgomery, a king who suddenly sought her hand in marriage, was the enigmatic man who entered her world. She possessed no knowledge about him, nor could she fathom how he became aware of her existence, considering she had never ventured beyond the confines of the palace.
Would this man aid her in realizing her dreams—to survive in the world she inhabited?
Or would this man become instrumental in sealing her fate?
What if she were to develop feelings for him?
Was she willing to jeopardize everything for the sake of love?
Or would she opt to disregard her emotions?
An unforeseen conclusion awaited the woman whose sole determination was to survive.


Tags: HEshiftercursesubmissivepowerfulprinceprincesskingdramabxgmythologysecrets
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The End

In the aftermath of the battle, the alliance of the seven kingdoms emerged victorious against the forces of Durchville. The enemy was driven back, and the storm that had raged around them began to subside, as if the tumultuous events had been tied to the outcome of the conflict. But for Anastasia, the calm after the storm was far from comfort……


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