Memories: My Kingdom

Memories: My Kingdom


HuilongShenghou Fantasy

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When the Great War between all races occurred, a human named Loheiruchel appeared and released a massive power that almost destroyed the country. The other races, fearing the unknown power of the human, surrendered under his rule.

For five years living with the other races, an incident that involves his existence happened in the Other Shore where he lives. Leui, the only human in the Other Shore, decided to leave. Mhir, his female elf friend, went with him to the human kingdom.

What will happen to him going to a place he has never been to before? Strange incidents happening in the country that will lead to the ruin of the kingdom, meeting an unknown friend that holds the key of finding out himself, and the truth revealing the identity of the one who started this all – Loheiruchel.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationself-improvedbxbgxgboldroyalanother world
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Chapter 268: Genuine

Gie heaved a deep sigh as he lay on his back on the roof and gazed at the dark night sky where you could see countless stars that were sparkling brilliantly as if they were competing to see which of them were the brightest. “Mhir… Why would she be happy for Leui?” he asked in a low voice as he lowered his head to contemplate.



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