The Eternal Series Book 3 Part 1

The Eternal Series Book 3 Part 1


Ginger (Tonya) Fantasy

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After Ashta, Roman, Riah, and Ray defeated Maya, saved the kingdom of Halondelle, made it through the Simulation Realm, and now faced a new threat. Two demons by the names of Bestol and Mertheis.
Not only that, the King of Choas was released and now was wreaking havoc on the realms of the world.
Will Ashta, Roman, Riah, and Ray be strong enough to go into their world realms separately, rescue their Spirit Guardians, and restore the balance to save their world?
Will Ray be strong enough to defeat the Basilis Belhazur released into Earth World Realm and rescue his Spirit Guardian?


Tags: darkopposites attractcursebraveno-couplesoldiercampusanother worldmusclebear
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