Elemental Zodiack

Elemental Zodiack


Viole P. Fantasy

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~ This world... Is full of happiness, and also sadness... This is what Yoso realized after witnessing his best friend, getting mercilessly murdered, for the sake of saving him. Dying, for the sake of creating a new path to the future for Yoso, to walk on... and avenge him...
Elemental Zodiack is a story that takes place in an alternate universe, where magic powers and war are present at every step. In this world, will Yoso and his friends, ''The Zodiacks'' be able to come on top?
Find out by reading: "Elemental Zodiack"


Tags: adventurewitch/wizardcomedygeniusambitiousmale leadswordsman/swordswomanmagical worldspecial abilityweak to strong
Latest Updated
Chapter 62: The End

--- After the Zodiack meeting ended, Yoso and Minase took farewell from all the close friends and family. Many were surprised to hear that Minase was also leaving together with Yoso, and also, some were truly not even a bit surprised by this fact.

 And then... It happened. Together with Azure and some other officials from Jiarengrad, ……


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