Anti-fan of the Werewolf Prince

Anti-fan of the Werewolf Prince


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Roselle had no other choice but to marry the Werewolf prince. Even though she knew she'll pay for being an Anti-fan to the Prince. At first, she thought of the prince as a dreadful, blood thirsting monster but when she got to know him more, she discovered that he was not who she always think she is. The Werewolf prince is a kind, caring and loving husband. Even if she offends him, he always try to understand, not minding the difference in race. But a lot of Werewolves were still unaware that she was an human and she had been married to the prince. They had already labelled her as the Prince's Anti-fan and seeing her beside the prince was driving a lot of them crazy. They would often throw dirt and dust on Roselle whenever she goes out with or without the prince. She would manage to escape but on getting home, she would be sad and broken. Regretting her actions of making the prince an Anti-fan. But the prince would soon announce to every werewolves that his Anti-fan is his Queen. But will the truth that Roselle wasn't a Werewolf won't later be exposed to everyone. What will the Werewolf do by then?


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Chapter Two: Breathtaking Husband

The man before her looked nothing like she had been expecting. His eyes were golden but they looked so beautiful. His fangs weren't showing. In fact, he seemed to have no fangs at all. And… he wasn't as hairy as the Werewolves she had encountered before. He didn't have that werewolf appearance nor do he have a pointy nose.

He was hairy co……


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