Bitter Sweet Life: The Morningstar Series Book 7

Bitter Sweet Life: The Morningstar Series Book 7


Kj Fantasy

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Akeehla Morningstar has had a life like no other. Even for a supernatural. Being one of the daughters to the most powerful Tribrid, and one of the Devil's sons has put a target on her back.
Kidnapped at only 12 years old, she was held captive for two years. Getting herself free proved to have more difficulties than she thought. Giving her the nickname the Derranged.
Life is funny in that way. Once you are free, it almost seems better to go back to torture. No one knows the things that Akeehla has went through, or what she continues to go through.
After being rejected over and over again, her heartbreak becomes too much. Drugs take over her life. Eventually she gets clean, but no one trusts her anymore.
Akeehla tries her best to gain back the trust of everyone she loves. It doesn't go as well as she wants at first. After Atiana takes a chance on her, Akeehla gets back in the game. She survived rejections, drugs, Hunters, and so much more.
All to come face to face with another mate.
Callum. An Angel dead set on ending the Derranged's life. What will he chose now that he has found his mate? Will Akeehla be rejected yet again? Will she survive another rejection? Will anyone ever find out the truth about what happened to her?


Tags: forbiddenHEshifterbadgirlconfidenttragedybxgsoldierseductive
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Epilogue: Bexley's P.O.V.

"Are you sure we were supposed to bring him?" I whispered loudly to Ares.

"I can hear you!" Tre shouted.

"Oof." Nix mumbled.

"He already can't control his anger," I commented.

"It's a pity really," Nix added.

"Will the two of you shut the up?!" Tre grum……


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