Cast Out By The Billionaire

Cast Out By The Billionaire


BluePeen Romance

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The man cast the woman out and the woman cast their baby out.They grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into a dark room that reeks of urine and cigarettes.

Undeniably, the pains were suffocating. When she stared at his dark eyes, the only thing she saw was darkness.

“Let go, let go of me, you bastard!” She shouted out. That only made his mighty five fingers appear on her face. Which sent her head spinning on her neck.

He made her kiss the earth. And slowly breathed in her face.

“Your life ends here....” his voice was deep baritone and cruel and that was when she felt the shivers down her spine.

How did the nerdy Elina find her way into the merciless billionaire’s court?


Tags: billionairepregnantbully
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Chapter 75


  Barbra opened her eyes, and stare at the white room she was in, was she in heaven, slowly, she looked sideways and saw different faces in the room, Lucas was the first, the Kenzo, Aziel and Elina, If she was to be in heaven this faces wouldn't be there. She can't be heaven.

  "Barbra! You're wake." Elina cried holding he……


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