Quantum Leap - Vol. 6 Kingdom Building Garnering Wealth

Quantum Leap - Vol. 6 Kingdom Building Garnering Wealth


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MC had failed in his earlier leap and therefore had to spend some more time in this feudal Japan as he tried to find out what was the issue that prevents him from leaping to the other body that he is supposed to exchanged with.

Right now he have to correct his path and destiny before he successfully leaps into the next series.

I purposely held the bundle of gold coins that I had received from Hiko-sama earlier and jiggled it in front of him. Body language shows that he was after the money and the building of the house could be also completed within 5 days, he wanted to. His eyes followed where the money was held and he swallowed hard as he thought of the profit he would make. "Hiko-sama, would you like to break open another jar of sake while our guest here is thinking about his construction and plan?"

I signalled to Hiko-sama and winked at him as we played along and he immediately retrieved another jar and took another cup. He poured one for each of us and placed the jar right in the centre of the table, obscuring the view of the bundle of gold coins in front of Kayu-san.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationbody exchange/body swapdecisivebxghumorousanother worldfaceslappingkingdom buildingpoor to richWriting AcademyWriting Academy
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I locked all the settings and the first few trays that were tested, Hiko-sama lifted them and pours the contents back into the smelting pot using heavy thick industrial fire and heatproof gloves.

I looked at Hiko-sama and said, "Let's try this baby out on full load. All you have to do it standby at the end there and stack them on a pa……


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