Mach: The Super Hero

Mach: The Super Hero


Jamie Whesker Paranormal Urban

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In this contemporary world, teenagers are given super powers, all over the world and at random! But only the young. Not a single adult has any supernatural abilities!

Most people fear them. Governments want to own them. Parents have no idea how to control them. One young man decides to unite them.

“We will not live in fear,” he said to the podium, helplessly closing his eyes. Mournfully. “Even if that means you have to."

Our protagonist goes against all of them, wanting humanity to stay united. Or at least, not divided by those with superpowers and those without.

“My parents are ‘them’,” she said icily. “My grandparents. My cousins and aunts, and my 'normal' friends. I love them more than I could ever love you.”

Follow me to see how this world develops. Nations rise, nations fall, and history is made by the heroes unless they can stop the villains.


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