Despicable Mate

Despicable Mate


Apratyashita Thakur Paranormal

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Kevin, the future Alpha of the Mystical Pack is very excited for his eighteenth birthday. He hopes to find and unite with his mate as soon as possible so that he can take over as the Alpha of the Pack.
What will happen when he finds that his mate is someone hated by everyone?
What if she keeps hurting him despite his efforts to win her?
Will he keep forgiving her or will he reject her in the end?


Tags: alphaopposites attractshiftermatepowerfullunadramabxgwerewolvespack
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Chapter 42 – Epilogue

Five years later…


Drops of tears fell on the piece of paper as I ran my hand over it. It was left by Nivaan for me on the eve of my twenty-third birthday.

Dear Cuckoo,

I feel like my life is meaningless without Valence. Don’t get me wrong I love you all but there is a hollow in ……


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