Forced To Be The Duke's Maid

Forced To Be The Duke's Maid


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It is 1907, in London, England. Celeste, an eighteen-year-old girl brought up in the workhouse her entire life, longs to discover who she is and where she came from. She has lived a happy life amongst the other orphans and strays in Exeter House but yearns for adventure and excitement.

Her world is turned upside down when a housekeeper to the Duke of Elstree, chooses her for the duke’s personal maid and concubine. A role she does not want or relish, but is forced to accept due to financial circumstances at the workhouse. Celeste is strong willed and finds it hard to follow the duke’s bizarre rules at first. Soon, however, there becomes and understanding between them, a need for one to please and respect the other.

A chance meeting at a party, brings about unexpected events. Celeste soon begins to find out about her past, opening doors to a whole new world. As she tries to move on with her life and forget about her past, she still craves the dominance and love of the duke, as well as a much simpler life away from aristocratic society.

As her new life begins, Celeste and the duke cross paths over and over, no matter how hard they try to forget the other, it seems fate has other plans. Always bringing them together in the most unusual circumstances.

Can Celeste ever get her happily ever after? Or will she forever regret walking away from her commanding duke?


Tags: forbiddenopposites attractkickass heroineinspirationaldramabxgvictorianpoor to richwarvirgin
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9 months later…..


“Celeste, could you bring me a fresh washcloth please, my love?” Sebastian called out from the sitting room.


I called back to him. “Has she been sick again? I will be right there.” I smiled as I rinsed out the white cotton washcloth to bring to my husband.


We had final……


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