The Bloodline

The Bloodline


Bony_Alexander_77 Fantasy

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The story about a hero who come from nothing but a result of an experiment held by a group of men that wish to raised back their supreme leader.
They went far and beyond by searching through myths that happened to be reality.
Opposing force, from inside and outside, destroys their plan, but the result of experiment lives on, even become a hero.
The hero then found himself suck at the middle of two forces.


Tags: adventuredarkothersheavyseriousstraightspecial abilitydystopianweak to strong
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The personnel wearing complete hazmat suit and breathing apparatus was just finished locking the container bin of the toxic waste material when the alarm blares. Instinctively he went to the procedure for evacuation, but when his hand about to open the door, a banging at the door makes him looked up, and his eyes met with terror…



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