The Books of the Shadows IV - Silver Moon

The Books of the Shadows IV - Silver Moon


Ema Morganes Fantasy

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In the Old World, the law of the patriarch's reigns.
Females are
Useless ...
Worthless ...
Weak ...
Only good for warming up the man's bed.
Silver Moon was raised as a Princes of the New World. Taken and brought into the Old World of the shadows she is forced to learn the old ways.
Her royal blood makes her wanted... Her condition as a female makes her worthless. Makes her a servant of the man.
She has only
To change the Old World's laws and make it a better place for the females.
When THEY came along...HE came fist, looking for his "females".
His eyes were burning with that passionate desire to war, that hunger to kill... just as fit as a Warchild. The Crown Prince of Zicon, one of the Lords of the Warchild House, just as she is the Royal Blood of the Warchild and Shadows' Assassins Houses united in her world. But as he managed to get back into his world, he had to leave his female and he choose to drag her in there, through the portal.
Forced to marry him because of her blood.
Caught in the war of the houses, she becomes the prisoner of the King of the Shadows assassins. The servant.
In his world, women don't have a voice. They do as they are told and they think as they are told to think. They are not capable of doing anything on their own. They can't even take care of themselves.
Moon is all by herself, the prisoner with no escape, in a world unknown, where she is to die or to obey.
And she is not the obeying type...
#kickass heroine


Tags: adventurepossessivecontract marriagearrogantsword-and-sorceryanother worlddragonspassionateseductivewild
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