Illusion and Reality

Illusion and Reality


Daydreamer Fantasy

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Samara is a normal girl who is being haunted by her nightmares. She tries to ignore those nightmares and focus on her life but after a party, Samara and her best friend get dragged to a hidden world by a magical pendant.
The girls are saved by a mysterious handsome but soon they find the new world is more dangerous than they initially thought and not even their shadow could be trusted.
With the lies and mysteries will they be able to go back home before it's too late?

*Looking at the stars shining brightly in the night as dark as the coal, I was left with an uneasy feeling. The surroundings were vague but the light breeze of air made the presence of flowers clear around me.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” a deep husky voice asked from the distance.

I squinted my eyes in the hope of catching a glimpse of the stranger, “Who are you?”

There was no answer from his side, I was supposed to be on my guard but something about his presence was comforting, I felt safe in his presence. The voice was not new but it wasn’t the voice that’d been visiting me. 

“Don’t go.”

I stood in my place confused, I knew he couldn’t see me but I could feel his eyes on me, “Go where?”

“Don’t go,” he repeated, this time more urgently.**


Tags: sensitivedramasweetbxgseriousmysterymagical worldlonelynaive
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The new chapter

Clouds rumbled loudly over our heads. It was like nature knew something bad was about to happen. A strong gust of wind came out of nowhere slapping sharply over my face.

Violet took a step slowly taking her sweet time to enjoy the suffering of everyone. 

There was some kindness in every person but the vile woman standing in fron……


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