Book 2 of the Eternal series

Book 2 of the Eternal series


Ginger (Tonya) Fantasy

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Ashta discovers that her uncles have been keeping a deep, dark secret from her. She had a half-brother who was half fire-demon and half Selvempt. Bestol.
Bestol was an evil being who would stop at nothing until he made the gods pay for out-casting him to the Underworld Realm and left him there. When Ashta found out what he was, she wanted to show him that he could be good and that he was welcome.
Unfortunately, her uncle and the other guardians know that Bestol will never be able to change and there was only one way to stop him. Someone would have to destroy the evil being, and not just anybody could do it.
Will Ashta have the strength and courage to destroy her own brother?


Tags: revengeprincessmagical worldmultiverseenemies to loversdragons
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Book 3 A Journey Alone Part 1

Earth World Realm

After Ashta, Roman, Riah, and Ray defeated Maya, saved the kingdom of Halondelle, and made it through the Simulation Realm, they are now faced with a new threat. Bestol and Mertheis. 

Bestol was foun……


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