The Eternal Guardians: Book 1: The Missing Heir

The Eternal Guardians: Book 1: The Missing Heir


Ginger (Tonya) Fantasy

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There were two babies born of a hybrid-descent. A girl and a boy, and the girl was a princess.

The kingdom of Halondelle frowned upon hybrids being born and the king and queen wanted the princess to be sacrificed for being an abomination, but her parents sent her off with a trusted family friend. She was to grow up in the human world and never know what or who she was.

Ashta grew up thinking that she was just an ordinary human with a grandfather that liked to move from town to town. Until, strange things began to happen, and her whole world turned upside down.

Will Ashta have the strength and the courage to save a world that she never knew existed? Will she ever meet the other child that was also born of the same descent?


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationtime-travelsecond chancetwistedmysteryfemale leadmale leadmagical worldsupernature earthkingdom building
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Chapter 84

After what seemed like a few months passed by, the villagers, Slayers and Selvempts alike, worked together to rebuild homes, and the rest of the kingdom. They had seemed to put aside their differences to work together. However, there were a few disagreements here and there, but they seemed to work things out, and come up with their own soluti……


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