The Mistaken Reincarnation Of Leon AnKhel

The Mistaken Reincarnation Of Leon AnKhel


Anone Lionheart Game

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An ordinary African young Adult takes a wrong turn on his way to his bathroom, and finds himself in the body of a young man who has just survived a massacre of his sect.

Defenseless, and with absolutely no idea what a system is, much less any sort of familiarity with the terms sect, cultivation, transmigration, reincarnation.

He has to learn to survive in this new world on his own, learning from the tools that has been given, and with none of the advantages any other reincarnate or transmigrator might have. In this world where the strong eats the weak, and the weak fades to obscurity he would have to carve a place for himself.

But first, he has to find his way out of these ruins, right in the middle of a forest, and surrounded by beasts and monsters of legends and myth. He might not have the knowledge of an Otaku or Neet, but even he knows it's wise to run the other way, when you see a dragon.

Disclaimer: any mention of media or other notable entertainment works within this novel is just an attempt to move the plot forward. this novel is in no way or manner associated with said media that have been mentioned. also the cover was taken off the internet.


Tags: adventuredarkstraightwittyswordsman/swordswomananother worldrebirth/reborndragonsLitRPGselfish
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