His Rival's Daughter

His Rival's Daughter


Chris Redding Romance

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When Brandi Marsing approaches billionaire Zach Wilder, she thinks her job is simple: gain the trust of her father’s greatest rival, and find the dirt to bring him down. Brandi is shocked to learn that the handsome Zach is a better man then she thought, despite forcing her into a fake relationship one day after meeting. Will Brandi remain loyal…or will she fall in love with the enemy?

“I don’t need to force anyone into my bed, Miss Marsing.” He straightened. “This will be far more public. Probably painful for you and deliciously so for your father also.”
She wanted to gag at his ego. Jail was looking better and better. “Just call the cops.”
“You don’t want to hear my proposal?” he asked.
“Tell me what I’m choosing between,” she demanded.
“You either go to jail. Or...”
He let the word hang in the air and she resisted leaning forward in anticipation. “Or, you pretend to be my fiancé.”
His Rival's Daughter is created by Chris Redding, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


Tags: billionairerevengeFBIfamilyplayboyarrogant
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Chapter 50: The Wedding

Brandi couldn't believe that the ring that she'd given back to Zach at the restaurant was in his hand and he was actually proposing. On the land where he will build his dream house.

“You're leaving me hanging here, Brandi."

She put a hand over her mouth in shock at the sight of Zach Wilder asking her to marry him. “Yes. Of course, y……


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